Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Quaker Stars Day 27

One of many signature/name blocks in my dated 1843-44 Ohio Star quilt from Philadelphia and surrounding towns.  This block for Henry Jones was stamped with a signature stamp with 2 charming cherubs (angels) on top and anchors and maybe a lyre on bottom. Mr. Jones was a Quaker from Gwynedd, Pennsylvania. A Welsh Quaker living in a Welsh town with a lot of other Joneses. 

And here's the block for CE Green:  a grape vine branch.  A number of blocks also have Green surnames. From Gwynedd, PA

Love this wonderful little bird carrying a ribbon for RL Simmers.  Several blocks have the Simmers name. This one belongs to a teenage girl from Gwynedd PA.

Here is the full quilt, very large 104" x 108" with a variety of signatures/names from Philadelphia, PA and the Welsh Quaker town of Gwynedd, also Bristol, Bucks Co, Montgomery etc.   Some of the surnames are Green, Simmers, Foulke, Lukens, Jones, Downing, Huffnagle.  Based on Quaker meeting records, I have confirmed that this is a Quaker quilt.  And the surnames and Quaker style dating method on blocks, also support this conclusion.

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  1. I love signature quilts, especially when they have signature stamps! What a beautiful quilt!


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