Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Red and Green French Star Day 13

My fancy French Star quilt. A very uncommon pattern but I've been lucky to find a couple.

Here are 2 from my collection, Red/green quilt from Lancaster, PA c. 1870 and multi color top c. 1940. Part of my "Patterns through Time" trunk show showing a variety of quilt patterns and how they've changed over time.

The full quilt.

To read about the history of the pattern, see my December 2016 French Star article for Discover Vintage


  1. If I were making one of these stars, I think I would applique the curved part on instead of piecing it in. Beautiful quilt!

  2. This is such a unique pattern. Makes a really pretty quilt. Love the Christmasy one. : )
    You are very lucky to have found two of this pattern.

  3. Love love love the chrome yellow! Barbara Brackman was just talking about it this morning! Beautiful quilts!


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