Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Princess Feathers Day 19

Antique Princess or Prince's Feather Quilt, c. 1870. 
Starley Antique Quilt Collection.

Back in the day, this would have been a very Christmasy Red and Green quilt but unfortunately, the green dye is "fugitive" and most of it has run away.  Fugitive dye means it is unstable and there will be color loss. The turkey red dye was very stable.

The border baskets are a charming touch!


  1. I love princess feathers! These are so beautiful, and even though the green has faded away, it's still stunning! And that sweet simple vine surrounding the feathers doesn't take away from them. It's so balanced. Wonderful!

  2. Princess feathers boggle my mind! I can't imagine ever having enough patience to create even one. : )
    This is a striking quilt!

  3. It is still a gorgeous quilt, with a very special pattern. Nobody seems to be using this pattern these days anymore and they do make for beautiful Christmas quilts.


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