Thursday, December 22, 2016

Folky Red and Green Day 21

I adore the folky, funky birds on this Pennsylvania antique quilt, circa 1870.
Starley Antique Quilt Collection

Not sure what kind of birds - doves, eagles?? Such a whimsical, delightful charming quilt!

And if you are thinking it is a one of a kind quilt - close, but there is a more formal version in the International Quilt Museum in Nebraska.


  1. Such a fun quilt to explore. I enjoyed finding the inconsistencies that give it its charm. It is delightful, as you said! : )

  2. This is such a fun quilt! The quirky birds and crazy bouquets make me happy!

  3. Best bird quilt ever! Now that is my kind of applique quilt!

  4. Were all the birds green at one stage? It looks so good with both colours.


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