Sunday, December 4, 2016

Rocky Roads Day 4 Blog Challenge

2 different Rocky Road quilts in my collection. The purple one on the left was made by my Great Grandmother Isabel Day Rogers in Utah, c. 1935 and the pink one on the right was made by an unknown quilter in Lancaster Co. PA, c. 1890.

Love that she used my favorite color purple and lots of polka dots. Her quilt was made in a much larger scale than the pink one and is done is a much more freeform random string piecing method. Some sections have only 2 or 3 piece while others have up to 10 and they are sewn straight and at a variety of angles.

The PA quilt is much more controlled with each block having the same red/blue center framed by a yellow print. The strings are more uniform than in Grandma's too. But this quilt has a wild double pink greek key background that might have gone completely off track if the blocks were totally wild too.

It has a wonderful neon pink and green print back. Neon prints - so named because of their bright colors were most seen c. 1890. By the way, Grandma's quilt has a flour sacking backing.


  1. What gorgeous quilts and fabrics. Love that backing!

  2. Your Great Grandmother's quilt is my favorite--the purple, and the random string piecing--they make me smile!

  3. Two wonderful quilt, and how nice to be able to compare them!

  4. Love them both. I am partial to the neon fabrics. Funny about regional names. We call that block Crossed Canoes in Maine.


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