Thursday, December 29, 2016

Crazy Days, Crazy Quilt Day 28

Charming cotton Crazy Quilt c. 1890 but quite different from the fancy silk and velvet Crazy Quilts that were more commonly made in the late 1800s or the plainer wool crazies made into the 1900s.

Got to love the cat and the mitten and wonderful cheater hexagon fabric and the galloping horses and that is just one block!

And then there is the wonderful cheddar yellow/orange fabric. This block has a great bird print and another faux patchwork or cheater print from Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado.

This block has a conversation print, steel engraving with equestrian motifs (jockey cap and horseshoes) and other nice prints. 

And the full quilt top. By the way, the block pattern is called crazy quilt. Starley antique quilt collection.

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  1. What a fun quilt....I really like that appliqued ladies high-top buttoned shoe! Awesome!


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