Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sweet sixteen - Maryland Album

Sixteen block -early 1840s Maryland signature album quilt that contains one of my favorite signature blocks done by Evalina Shaw and dated Dec'r (December) 1841. The quilt is from Carroll and Frederick County, Maryland.
Love the swag with music notes and "Peace to the Mind" and the fab tassels at the ends. And the lyre and the flower basket and flowers, etc. etc. And all of this in just a 2 inch square.
  Be sure to click on the images to see the wonderful details. I think the art work is from an extremely detailed stencil.

The fabric paired with Evalina's amazing block is a faux needlework print - imitating crewel work.

Here's another with block printed (stamped) green leaf details. It was hard to get the stamp in just the right place and they tend to look clunky. (sorry for the glare but it made the details stand out)

more interesting fabric

A beautiful leaf print - buff and tan

The full quilt - it is crib sized but has 3 different bindings/edge finishes which is unusual. Purchased from Julie Silber- Quilt Complex who did NOT cut it.  Unknown if it was cut down from a full/bed sized quilt to make 4 quilts for 4 family members or cut into "crib quilts" in the 1980s when people were doing that to cash in on the crib quilt/doll quilt market. Maybe some day, I will find more of it - I can dream! 

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  1. A great quilt. Thanks for the close-ups of the fabric and quilting. It is interesting in the third shot to see the double line of quilting in one place. Wonder what happened there. : )


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