Saturday, December 19, 2015

day 18 Christmas French Stars

The French Star block is one of my all time favorites. Especially this beauty in red and green and gold .

The quilt was found in Pennsylvania. Thanks Sharon Stark of Sharon's Quits and RickRack.

Here's a c. 1940's version of that same pattern. This top has wonderful, vibrant colors.

And the full quilt shows the elegant applique swag border - a throwback to the 1850s

Here is  a closer look along with the earlier French Star.

The pattern requires some careful curved piecing and Y seams and insets


  1. Thank you for sharing the French Star is new to me and beautiful and above my skill level.

  2. ooo The French Star is new to me too and I love it.

  3. Both are beautiful, but IMHO you cannot beat the red/green/yellow combo!


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