Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Blog-a-thon Begins

My quilty friend Cheryl Sleboda (aka Muppin, arched eyebrows, quilty skulls, etc.) issued a challenge to blog every day in December and I am jumping in.
To join in or simply to see what others are up to here's the link or you can cut/paste

And she made it easy with a note that day 1 could just be a join up. Check - easy, peasy!

 And here's a bit of an antique sampler in my collection. Enjoy


  1. Seriously, every day in December? Yikes! I can barely get a post written once every week or two (or three). Good luck with that, Sandra! : )

  2. I like that the quilt is anchored by the four pots of flowers blocks.

  3. Love that sampler quilt, it is a beauty.

  4. That is one beautiful sampler quilt, gorgeous!

  5. That is a gorgeous sampler! Good luck with your challenge!

  6. I've seen that quilt before on the net. Do you know if there are many other versions of it? Could you post some more about it, please.

    Well done on your challenge!


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