Sunday, December 20, 2015

day 19 Horses on quilts

Love this folky Christmasy quilt with a lot of unusual horse appliques. It is not common to find horse appliques  on antique quilts. Birds and flowers and wreaths are usual but not horses.
Thanks Sharon W.! It is from New York state

But I have another horse on a quilt with a few funky appliques and cheater cloth prints too (see the compass pre-printed or faux patchwork on the left)

Most of the horses seen on antique quilts are found on novelty/conversation prints. Equine motifs were very popular in the 1880s and 1890s.

And here's a running horse on a cotton crazy quilt (and another faux patchwork print, upper right)
Another with a trio of horses

Here's a horse and rider from a crazy quilt dated 1885.

here's a redwork horse from a fundraising signature quilt from Pennsylvania dated 1914


  1. Trying to think if I have ever seen a horse on a vintage quilt--other than the conversation print variety. So interesting!

  2. The Rachel Meyers quilt has horses. I love the ones you found.


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