Monday, December 14, 2015

Day 13 Hexagon Medallion

Wow, can't believe I'm on my 25th post of the month between my two blogs. Don't foget to visit Quilt Art Star to see my antique repro and art quilts. That is more posting than I did in 2013 and 2014 on both blogs combined. Thanks again to Cheryl Sleboda's 31day blog writing challenge.

Today's quilt is a stunning hexagon medallion from Stella Rubin. c. 1890. It has lots of novelty prints including many from a cheater cloth crazy quilt print from the 1880s and a couple of 1876 centennial prints.

Love this fox whose after a butterfly :)

And this lovely lady though the bird next to her didn't fare well in the fussy cutting

And this gentleman appears to be her companion. Charming flowers too.

And a little bugler with a bird from the crazy quilt print and a delicate little cheater print bottom right.


  1. Beautiful medallion hexagon quilt--am working on my fussy cutting skills

  2. What a wonderful quilt. Love the details of the fussy cutting (or sometimes not so fussy cutting) that you have shared.

  3. I just adore this one! Thanks for the delightful close up pictures :)


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