Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 11 Farmers Fancy

Love this circular darling - it is truly cheddarlicious and yummy! Another treasure from Julie Silber and the Quilt Complex. Didn't come with provenance but it is very like from Virginia or West Virginia where this pattern is seen the most. This pattern is a great example of regional patterns.

Yikes day 11 means this will be post 21 and 22 of the month as I have 2 blogs
stop by and see my art and repro quilt blog too.

Full quilt - isn't it wonderful!

And the spiky border is such a great finishing touch.

And here is my booth at the 2014 HMQS - Home Machine Quilting Show. I do love cheddar!


  1. Oh my yes.....It is wonderful!

  2. It is stunning! Love the pattern, love the cheddar! Great technical skills there, that was made by a wonderful quilter.


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