Sunday, December 27, 2015

day 26 More Caesars Crown

Another recent study pattern is Caesar's Crown- an intricate pattern, not for the faint of heart. Most of the early versions are done by hand curved piecing NOT applique. 

And while most signature album blocks are made with simple pieced blocks (Baltimore Album style not withstanding), this difficult pattern had some popularity as a signature album.

The ownership block: Mary A Bankis (or Banks) the owner of this quilt. 1851. Maia(?)

Another signature Caesar's Crown from SE Pennsylvania dated 1851

Another colorful version without signatures

And finally a version from about 100 years later - also a signature quilt


  1. The quilting on the one from Pennsylvania interests me--so dense in some areas-- nothing in others.

  2. I love the seconadary design of other circles popping in the first one. Colour placement and the rotation of the inner elipses stops it happening in the others.


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