Friday, December 4, 2015

Day 4 Trapunto Carpenter Star variation

Featured today is an early Carpenters Star variation with stunning trapunto or stuffed quilting, part of the Starley quilt collection. And available to come to a quilt guild near you. Purchased from Fourth Corner Molly of Washington State via ebay. c. 1840s

It has been interesting over these past 8 blog entries (4 days with 2 blogs) how freeing it has been to just post quickly and not obsess. A friend noted that she was blogging fast like a "slacker" and I disagreed because she was doing a post even if not a deep posting. And I just saw another blogger mention how easy it is to just share on facebook. So I'm trying to post more loosely here and make it as easy as facebook. 
Most of these posts will be quite brief and short on information so if you have questions, please ask in the comments section.
In the full shot you can appreciate the dense figural quilting.

Absolutely adore the 5 pointed star with circular feather frame. And come in closer, closer, closer ... look at the intense background stippling. This maker LOVED to quilt.

And check out the pineapple and other wonderful quilting.


  1. So beautiful! I really like the pattern, but the quilting... exquisite!

  2. Wow, what delicious hand quilting!

  3. Beautiful - so nice to see the hand quilting as a feature - especially that gorgeous border! thanks - really appreciate a post like this "loose" or not :)

  4. I'd love to see more of this! Is each trapunto wreath quilted differently?

  5. That handquilting is to die for!! I loved this post - Thanks!


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