Tuesday, March 27, 2018

More antique quilt treasures from Manchester NH

Just loved this wild zigzag quilt from the 1920s at the Mill Yard Museum. It is an unusual pattern that I hadn't seen before. But in proof of 'everything old is new again', I found that Victoria Findlay Wolfe has created a very similar effect with new modern methods in her new book "Modern Quilt Magic".

And I can never resist a log cabin especially a graphic barn raising like this one

View of the old Amoskeag Mills in Manchester New Hampshire


  1. Very special the V-shaped pattern, but always love a really traditional logcabin. Beautiful!

  2. Just enlarged the picture of that log cabin quilt.... the center and the rest, it looks like 2 different quilts! Did she change her mind? Did 2 people work on this? Was one of them not able to finish the blocks into a whole quilt? Looks like there is a story here.... I love that about the antiques <3

  3. Two exciting quilts! That zig-zag has my mind reeling!


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