Friday, March 2, 2018

Antique fabric from 1876 - Amoskeag Mills, Manchester New Hampshire

One of the highlights from the American Quilt Study Group 2017 seminar was a visit to the Manchester New Hampshire Historical Society to look at fabric swatch books.  The pages below are from a volume dated 1876
I was surprised to see how many of the designs were printed as border prints (next three photos) since one doesn't see that many border prints like these in quilts.


  1. Wow--fascinating! Look at those lovely, vibrant colors in such beautiful border prints!

  2. I wonder if not much of the border prints were used in the quilts because you'd have to buy so much more yardage just to use the border print? Maybe the borders were used in other things like pillowcases, or garments? Or maybe they got used but it's really difficult to recognize a border print after it's been chopped to bits in blocks, especially if it was not fussy-cut?


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