Wednesday, March 28, 2018

1880s Antique Fabric Workers Toile Fabric

I love learning and sharing history through unusual fabrics and so this flowery idyllic fabric factory worker toile has been a favorite for a while. I really need to find a piece for my own collection.

From American Toile: Four Centuries of Sensational Scenic Fabrics and Wallpaper, page 154, by Michele Palmer, it is called "Capital and Labor in Accord" by Cocheco Manuf., Cotton, 16" repeat. 1886 original roller print. "This toile was produced as propaganda during a period of strikes and labor unrest, factors that contributed to the Colonial Revival. It sought to soothe the American worker with images of a happy working life. The legends below each vignette read 'Labor is Honorable,' 'Honor to the Iron Worker', 'After Work the Happy Home and 'The Two Powers in Accord.'"

A sample card advertising the fabric

Here's a whole quilt made using the Labor Toile. Part of the New England Quilt Museum Collection --donated by my friend SW. 

 And there is the tile quilt we looked at a few days ago. And I still need to share the 3rd quilt with the crazy teeny pieces ... stay tuned.


  1. An interesting mix of "Labor" and lovely flowers.

  2. I have a piece of this fabric in a different color scheme for purchase if you are interested. Doreen


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