Monday, March 12, 2018

Amazing Drawings on 1842 Antique Irish Chain Signature Quilt, 1842 dated quilt

I have a large number of wonderful antique signature quilts which I share in my Sign of the Times, Signature Quilt lecture and quilt study. Most are pretty early -1840s and 50s and many have drawings, inkings with the signatures but this Irish Chain dated 1842 has the most intricate inkings I've ever seen.

One of the most amazing blocks/designs is this multi-masted sailing ship

And wonderful sentiments and Biblical quotes accompany the drawings

This scene is really different and unusual

And this cornucopia of flowers is just lovely

Here is a bit of the quilt top: Double Irish Chain with heart appliques - Starley Quilt Collection. I'm still researching and trying to figure out the origins of the quilt, it appears to be from Maryland and Pennsylvania. Surnames of Pruitt and  Dummar.


  1. Gorgeous artistic inkings on this Irish Chain...and in such wonderful condition. Do you know if all the drawings were done by one individual? Someone who immigrated from Ireland? Would the ship represent how they arrived in America? Fun to create a story about this quilt....At any rate a real treasure!

  2. So incredible! What was used to create these, do you know? The clarity after all these years amazes me.

  3. Such a treasure! Glad it remained a top. It probably contributed to it staying in such good condition.


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