Wednesday, March 7, 2018

1830s Antique Quilt - 9 Patch

One of my all-time best purchases was a simple 9 Patch that I found on ebay listed as an 1890s quilt top. I was brand new to quilt history/quilt collecting and it looked interesting and was inexpensive so I purchased it. Imagine my surprise when it arrived and I began to compare the fabrics to my handy Trestain's Fabric Dating book. I started in the section for 1890s and ended up in the front of the book in the 1830s!!

1830s fabrics just captivated me then and still do today. Enjoy


  1. Thanks so much for close-ups!
    Really enjoy seeing the pieced together bits.

  2. Thank you for sharing your interesting 9 patch discovery - like the floral fabric with the red ground in one of the blocks. Just received Wearable Prints by Susan Greene and spent so much time exploring one of our family quilts with rewarding results.

  3. I love the simple ones. I am always drawn to them when I see antique quilt booths etc. This was a perfect buy for you!


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