Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Day 7 - A Month of Antique Quilts - Starley Quilt Collection

 You may have already noticed that I like Star Quilts. Most people like stars and they are the most popular pattern but with the last name of Starley, it is little wonder that they feature prominently in my antique quilt collection. I especially like unusual or uncommon star patterns like the French Star pattern shown here.

Such a cheery red and green color scheme with yellow and then that fabulous paisley sashing! We think of red and green as holiday colors but it was a popular combination for home decor in the mid 1800s.
And check out the tiny stitches - hand quilted in double rodding. This is an uncommon star pattern and requires some fancy hand piecing.  If you want to see some more examples put french star in the search box (top left side of blog page). Enjoy.

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  1. And since I love paisley, I love the border on this quilt possibly as much as you love the star!


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