Sunday, December 19, 2021

Day 19 - A Magical Month of Antique Quilts - Starley Quilt Collection - Seeing Stars

 Hmmm, wonder if I can find another star quilt? Ha Ha! With a last name of Starley, I'll bet you can guess I have a few of them (maybe a few dozen :)  This beauty is an antique signature star quilt. Made by Quakers in Delaware County, Pennsylvania (SE PA near Phila. and NJ and Delaware).

Made with a great variety of Turkey Red print fabrics. Aren't they beautiful! I especially love the one above with blue, yellow, and green flowers.

And here it is in all its glory! It reminds me snowflakes or stars in the night sky. Dated 1848.


  1. Oh, I remember seeing this one in person at your booth at the Home Machine Quilting Show about 5 years ago, I'd guess! Love it!


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