Friday, December 3, 2021

Day 3 - Month of Antique Quilts - Starley Quilt Collection

 Thanks for stopping by for another installment of this month's blogathon of antique quilts from the Starley Quilt Collection. 

Lovely this Wild Goose Chase in an awesome red zigzag setting! Such a bold choice. And a tricky one as there a lot of partial seams to create that zigzag.

This quilt top is from Michigan and is likely a time-span quilt - blocks made by one quilter and joined/ sashed by a second quilter. It wasn't finished which is a good thing for me as I like to share it in trunk shows and tops are much easier to schlep around than quilts.


  1. Fascinating setting, and an interesting color choice to bring the blocks together. Wonder if it was an intentional choice or a make-do decision?


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