Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Month of Antique Quilts -Hand Quilting Day 24

Today's quilt is an antique red/green hand quilted quilt - an Oak Reel with a lovely swag and tassle border. Such a classic design. Circa 1850.
I don't think the maker was into hand quilting or maybe she was making it for a special occasion, like a wedding, and was on a tight schedule as there isn't much quilting (been there, done that). The quilt has unusual quilting - click on the picture below to enlarge and see details. There is a quilted pair of scissors above the swag and a set of spoons under the swag.


  1. I am enjoying this day by day quilt show!

  2. Sandra, can you tell if this quilt has ever been washed? With so little quilting I would be very surprised that the batting has held up so well. Really gorgeous pattern!


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