Thursday, December 5, 2019

Hand Quilting Blogathon Day 5 Birds and Blooms Antique Quilts

Today's quilt from the Starley Quilt Collection is a great basket quilt that is elevated with a stellar border featuring birds, flowers, and heart appliques!! And a delightful, delicate piped binding. Circa 1855 from New York State. Hand quilting in straight lines.  *Don't forget to click on photos to enlarge, see details.
Don't you just love that folky bird - kind of odd- standing on a branch or does he have giant feet?

And I'm still not sure if that orange applique is a flower, bud, or maybe a peach?

The full and glorious quilt. You can never go wrong with a basket quilt especially with birds and hearts <3 and="" birds="" blooms="" is="" my="" nbsp="" of="" p="" quilt="" show.="" star="" the="" this="" trunk="">

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