Monday, December 30, 2019

Day 30- Antique Whig Rose -31 Days of Antique Quilts - Hand Quilting

Tonight's antique quilt from the Starley Quilt Collection is another "best quilt" Whig Rose from Ohio, circa 1850s. Like my Quilted Joy, this one is a 9 block applique with NO negative space and is chockful of applique and intense hand quilting. And that border!! Isn't it delightful?

Check out the hand quilting! Close triple-rod quilting (three lines close together separated by similar sized space and repeated across the quilt). ***Note that the diagonal quilting goes right across the appliques.

Here's the same flower used in my repro quilt, Pennsylvania Posies for Paducah.

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  1. When my mom-in-law made us a quilt for me to hand quilt, I wondered what the proper procedure was for Quilting over her applique, or just around. I quilted around but also around the flower centers. the rest is diagonal. Unfinished. Set aside when we got cats, who attacked the batting. Now we no longer have cats, but now live in a very small space (a travel trailer) so do not have room for my quilting hoop.


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