Friday, December 27, 2019

Antique Hand Quilting Day 27 - Rocky Road To Kansas

Today's antique hand quilted quilt is a jazzy Rocky Road to Kansas or Kite block quilt from Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, circa 1890. Only in Southeastern PA would this double pink Greek Key stripe fabric be considered a neutral. 

The backing is a fabulous neon print in green, pink, and black. People think clothing back then was boring but they used prints like this for everyday dresses.
The full quilt - look at all those stripes! Love how they are all in a line for the borders and go every which way in the blocks.

This block is part of my Patterns Through Time lecture where I share at least 2 examples of about a dozen different designs from the early 1800s to mid 1900s. You learn quilt history while looking at amazing quilts.
Here the Lancaster quilt is shown in the lecture with a much larger scale Rocky Road circa 1930s made by my Great Grandmother Isabelle Rogers in Kanosh, Millard Co., Utah.

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