Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Antique Pieced Patchwork Pillowcase from Pennsylvania

A  couple of years ago I was able to find a prized Pennsylvania pillowcase to add to my collection. (I've since found a co9uple more).  My friend, Ann Hermes, who literally wrote the book on Pennsylvania Patchwork Pillowcases (you can buy the book and even your own antique PA pillowcase on her etsy store).

From the etsy listing: "This patchwork pillowcase, dating to ca. 1880 is a rare textile form from Southeastern counties of Pennsylvania. The interesting feature about this pillowcase is that it contains, along with patchwork squares, a piece of cheater fabric, also called printed patchwork, produced by the Cocheco Manufacturing Co. in New Hampshire."

The star fabric is the "cheater print" which means it is printed in the fabric rather than pieced or sewn. I'm a big fan of antique cheater fabrics. And the combination of faux and real patchwork is a charming touch,

And the pillowcase backing is also pieced along two edges.

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  1. Very interesting stuff. Still amazed at the idea of patchwork pillowcases.


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