Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 16 (47) Centennial Prints

1876 Centennial Prints are often found in 1880s and 90s quilts - if you look closely. Many are dated 1876 or bear the dates of 1776 and 1876.

This Centennial cheater print - preprinted patchwork is dated 1776 and 1876 and came in a red colorway and a brown one too.

Here it is in my 1880 Log cabin quilt - click on the picture to enlarge and see the date on the Liberty Bell.

And more of it in the Log Cabin.

And this is a literal "Centennial" print with the word Centennial and the dates of 1776 and 1876 forming a window grid. Again be sure to click and enlarge.

And the red hexagon is the center is dated centennial print from 1876 with 1776- 1876, the  Liberty bell and the names of the original colonies.

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