Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lowell Mass

In October I traveled to Lowell, Massachusetts (near Boston) for the annual seminar of the American Quilt Study Group It was a wonderful experience, my second seminar, I met a lot of new friends, learned a lot, saw a lot of antique quilts and soaked up a lot of history. Living in the West, you forget about the history of the eastern seaboard, loved the cobblestone streets in Lowell. I spent a delightful afternoon with Linda Laird and Pat Nickols visiting the Boott Cotton Mills Museum, the Mill Girls boardinghouse and the immigrant museum. We also stopped by the Merrimack Historical Society and I asked if they had any textiles, they scared up a textile sample sheet and an original label from the Merrimack Manufacturing Co. still on a small butterscotch plaid. They graciously let us make a photocopy which is pictured here.

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