Thursday, February 28, 2008

Heart Quilt

Here is a detail photo of my red, white and blue applique heart quilt. 14 1/2" blocks set 4 x 5. Red, white and blue polka dot backing. Hand embroidered PURE BLOOD APPLIED LOYALTY TO GOD. From the differing quality of workmanship it is clearly a group quilt with numerous makers. Found in Cincinnati/Kentucky area and that is all the information I have about it.
My question is what group made it and why? Was it made by a religious group, a political group, patriotic group; made as a fundraiser, for a special event? There are no dates or signatures.

I have shown the quilt to a number of noted quilt authorities including appraisers and dealers with vast experience, and so far no one has seen this pattern before. I showed the quilt at AQSG seminar in 2007 with no luck. I have also gotten quite a range on dating it, from 1915 to 1976. The dating clues point towards World War I or II and more likely c. 1945. The top is all solids and the back is a small scale polka dot, nothing distinctive. Please comment or email if you have any information/thoughts on the origin of the quilt.

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