Sunday, February 17, 2008

Banner Quilt

In my banner (top of blog page) you'll see one of my earliest quilt purchases and one of my earliest/oldest textiles. It is a large segment of hand sewn 4 patch quilt top c.1830 (rows/strips were later joined together by machine). It is pieced by overcast/whipstitch and running stitch. Fabrics range from 1790 (linen floral) to 1830's; there are block prints, indigo resists and an early preprinted patchwork (aka cheater cloth shown in the banner above) to name a few. As a top it is a useful printing technique study piece since I can view both sides of the fabric. Purchased from eBay for $70, it was sold as a segment of 1880's quilt so it was a very pleasant surprise.

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