Monday, June 22, 2020

Rocky Road

Things are so crazy that the Rocky Road to Kansas block seems an appropriate block to share.

This block is one of the featured designs in my Patterns Through Time lecture/trunk show. Can't wait until I can get out and share these again with quilt guilds.

Circa 1930, Rocky Road to Kansas quilt made in Utah by my great grandmother Isabelle Day Rogers. The backing is made of sacking (flour sacks) that she dyed at home - a bright bold yellow!

 1890 Rocky Road To Kansas made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Smaller scale and more planned out.

The two together as I would show them in my lecture.

Thanks for stopping by. Please comment and let me know other blocks you'd like to see or favorite eras, or styles.


  1. Wonderful scrap creations!
    I can't wait to be able to attend a quilty event again!

  2. Love them! What other familyquilts do you have?

  3. Thank you for sharing these treasures. It is always interesting to find out when (from-- to--) this or that kind of block was made. Do you know if there is a reference guide I could find? Thanks.

  4. Very cool quilts. How did she piece the blocks into the quilt?? I like those "old timey" quilts made in the 30's-60's probably because they remind me of my great-grandma. I'm in the "thinking" stages of reproducing a Grandmother's Flower Garden (Martha Washington variation?? hexies arranged in diamond shapes) she made in the 40's. Now that I'm "studying" it I'm noticing so many little things about it, and it makes me feel connected to her, and her daughter my grandma, who taught me how to quilt.


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