Sunday, January 5, 2020

New Year Old Mysteries - Antique Quilt Research

I found this amazing quilt online at an auction. Did you know that you can buy quilts from live auctions over the web? Well, you can. There are several online auction platforms and bidding is similar to the end of timed listing on eBay. Live auctions end when the auctioneer bangs her hammer and proclaims the item as sold (or sometimes passed). Quite often there is an actual live auction being conducted simultaneously at the auction house and you are bidding against the attendees, other online bidders, and people who have left bids online before the auction. I purchased the mystery quilt below online from a live auction.

Double Irish Chain antique signature top dated 1842. It may be from Maryland? But where and for whom it was made is a mystery.

In addition to the lovely 4 hearts in the chain intersections, there are absolutely amazing inked drawings and sentiments on the quilt top like the ship below with Biblical quote signed "your son, Emaniel Dumar". There is another block with the Lord's Prayer, Our Father, dedicated to Shelby Pruitt from Shelby Pruitt (son?). Seems like for 2 different people??

Not sure what is depicted in this inking with another Bible passage, Psalm 110:1 and signed "your affectionate _____ Benjamin Pruitt."

Love this cornucopia of wildflowers or maybe they send a message using the symbols attached to flowers at that time. Signed Mrs. Rebecca Dumar but another block is a message to Mrs. Dumar? Very confusing.

***I found Emanuel and Ruth Anna Dumar (she's on another block) in Philadephia Episcopal church baptism records for their son George Washington Dumar, born in Feb. 1844. The next child baptized was also named George Washington (he was really popular). Hopefully, I'll find more of the signers/names now. Stay tuned.


  1. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!


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