Saturday, May 12, 2018

Antique Alphabet Quilt

Isn't this a wonderful pieced alphabet quilt? From the Esprit Collection. Love the house and what I think is a date of 1914 and a sideways & (or maybe a duck)?

The patterns are from the Ladies Art Company pattern catalog from about 1900.

Because 26 letters don't lend themselves to even straight rows, extra something needed to be added. In my quilt above 4 extra blocks.  Quite often these alphabet quilts are dated like mine.


  1. Love it, especially the way the colors seem to vibrate. I have to wonder if it wasn't put aside when the maker saw a couple of blocks are backwards. After it was all put together of course. OTOH, I salute her if she saw they were backward and forged ahead to completion.

  2. Interesting. I guess I didn't realize Alphabet Samplers had been around that long.


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