Monday, May 2, 2011

Award Winner-- Alliance for American Quilts

Virginia is for Lovers, closeup of first block
  My 4 block applique antique reproduction quilt, Virginia is for Lovers, is the 3rd prize winner in the Alliances Quilt Contest with the Alliance for American Quilts.  What an incredible honor as there were more than a 100 quilts in the contest.  Thank you to everyone who voted for my quilt. Click here to see all the award winning quilts. 
  What did I win, you ask?  A gift basket including items from The Quilt, Quilters Club of America, Fons & Porter, Dharma Trading Company, Darlene Zimmerman, Riversilks, and C&T Publishing.  I'll post a pic when the basket arrives.

  And if you aren't tried of voting, the Alliance is now holding a viewer's choice voting. You can vote as a webviewer or in conjunction with a live exhibit like last week's show in Paducah. Quilt 117 is my entry.   Click here  for the link to vote. Or go directly to the ballot
Votes will be tallied and a Viewer's Choice award will be given for each exhibition venue and one additional award will be determined by web viewers.
The voting will close on Monday, October 24 at 9 pm Eastern.
    Thanks again for the votes and all the support and especially the wonderful comments.  And if you haven't seen the full quilt or the story of its making, scroll down to the 1/2 dozen or so prior posts about it or click on challenge in the label list.


  1. I will vote again and I am glad that you won such an honor. I was hoping for first for your gorgeous quilt!

  2. Congrats!!! Just voted for you again! Great job

  3. It was a really nice exhibit...loved your little quilt!

  4. Your little quilt was more traditional then the others. That must be why it's my favorite!! Congratulations!!

  5. I am so happy for you!
    congratulations. what an honor.


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