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Candy Corn Stars - May Island Batik Ambassador Challenge

 This month's challenge is Paper Pieced Celebrations!! A great opportunity to play with a great Halloween Collection and experiment with one of my favorite techniques. I decided to do a modern makeover on an antique quilt. 

Here's a peek at the piecing.

So here was the challenge

and the BOOTIFUL Fabrics with which I got to work. It is a fabulous Halloween Collection!!!  

I have several antique hexagon quilts but I decided to recreate this antique hexagon beauty from my sister Donna's collection. Here's when we first saw it on Instagram. Stay tuned for pictures of the old and the new together.

You can see I needed to do lots of cutting and piecing.

 I started out strip piecing - sewing on straight lines on lengths of  freezer paper and then I decided to try something new. I copied a ruler onto copy paper, taped several together, and simply sewed on the lines 

 I started out foundation paper piecing/strip piecing - sewing on straight lines drawn on freezer paper and then I decided to try something new. I copied a ruler onto copy paper and simply sewed on the lines. It was pretty easy and relaxed sewing. 

And look at the results.

Lots of points coming together for perfect paper piecing.

Figuring out the stars from my strip sets.

Playing with designs.

The black/orange star.

And one of the purple stars.

And here's the full quilt. Taken outside in a thunder and lightning storm. Perfect Halloween weather.
Candy Corn Stars
50" x 60"
May 2024
Sandra Starley
Original pattern - an adaptation of an antique pattern

Fabrics: All 20 of the Island Batik Bootiful Collection 
Piecing Thread: Aurifil #50 weight
Piecing with Schmetz Needles
 Pressing with Smart Iron from Oliso 
Batting: I will be using Hobbs Tuscany Wool 

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  1. Wow! I really love this design and your ruler idea. What a great idea. Have a fabulous day!

  2. Great pattern idea for this Halloween collection.

  3. Fabulous job and I loved seeing your inspiration quilts along side.

  4. This is amazing, Sandra! Well done!
    Your mention of Donna makes me realize it has been years since I've seen her. Is she still here in the same valley as me?

  5. Love the look... love hexies
    .. can be spider webs too.


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