Sunday, April 1, 2018

Legal Triangles - Curated Quilts Mini Challenge

I had fun playing with color and shapes and quilting in making a miniature courthouse steps quilts for the Curated Quilts Mini Quilt Challenge: Triangles. As a quilty attorney, I'm fond of the logcabin variation called Courthouse Steps and liked how it created hourglass triangles with careful color placement. I made 4 wonky freeform blocks and just had fun. The straight line machine quilting also helps create triangles.


  1. So pretty! I’m not sure what you mean by wonky, the logs all appear to be the same width to me. Will this appear in the Curated Quilts journal?

    1. JaneV - it isn't super wonky but the logs were all scissor cut/eyeballed and sewn at angles. So semi-controlled wonky not wild wonky. Hope it will be in CQ -entries ended last night so now notifications yet.


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