Monday, May 8, 2017

Quaker Signature quilt - trunk show or class

One of my favorite antique signature quilts is this early variable star quilt from Gwynedd, near Philadephia, Pennsylvania.  Gwynedd was settled by Quakers from Wales. The quilt is dated 1841 and 1843

 Stamped signature block from Henry Jones - Jones is a common Welsh surname and there are several on the quilt.

 There are several blocks from the Simmers family including this sweet little bird carrying a ribbon. This is for one of the daughters in the family. Also Quaker.

C.E. Green- name 'hidden' among the grape leaves.

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  1. Thanks for sharing; this is my husband's home meeting. We have a signature quilt from his mother's side of the family that was done in 1844 in Quakertown/Richland Township that I am researching.


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