Sunday, January 1, 2017

Starry Night Day 31

The best of my collection of Tumbling Block Stars all made in Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania with solid fabric center stars. C. 1890.
This one has a wonderful, fancy braid border


  1. A great month of quilts. I loved them all. Thanks for showing me.

    1. Dorothy, Thank you. Glad you enjoyed them. You are quite welcome.

  2. Sweet little flower quilting in each diamond! And yeah, that border is awesome! Thank you so much, Sandra, for this amazing quilt show! You have such a fantastic collection of wonderful quilts, and sharing them with us was such a treat! Thank you!

  3. Hi Sandra, I just found you listed on a website of quilt appraisers. I was wondering if you could go read my latest blog post and give me some advice on how best to proceed with a vintage quilt top that was given to me. It's very unusual and the closest thing I can find that is similar in design is a 1942 block called Drunkard's Trail but even that is not exactly the same design. I was going to go ahead and make this into a quilt but several have advised me to consult an quilt appraiser before I do anything. I live in Idaho and there aren't a whole lot of appraisers in Idaho, Washington, or Oregon! What's up with that? :D Anyway, I thought I would see if you could guide me as to my next steps with this quilt.


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