Thursday, May 21, 2015

May Flowers - Bloggers Quilt Festival

My entry for the Bloggers Quilt Festival, Hand Quilting category. More details at the bottom of the post (deadline to nominate for viewers choice is May 21st but voting for favorite in Hand Quilting is open from May 22-29) 

I adapted the basket border from an 1870's red and green princess feather applique quilt, turned it into a four block design and gave it a color makeover. I think the woman who made it would be glad her design still works but would be a bit surprised with the black, white and hot pink color scheme. Made for a Time Challenge- I focused on giving the original a "makeover" by using an updated, modern color scheme and scaling it from a bed size to a small quilt. 

Hand appliqued and hand quilted. I bravely quilted it with red/pink thread in diagonal concentric lines and also outlining and some details. 

Here is the original basket so you can see that the new quilt is an extreme makeover!

Spring 2015 Bloggers Quilt Festival Page is HERE.
Hand Quilted Quilts Page is HERE
Vote for Viewer's Choice HERE Nominations- May 15-21
VOTE for your Favorites in each category May 22-29
Winners Announced May 30, 2015


  1. What a fun little quilt! It's always nice to see the original from which inspiration came.

  2. You could start a new TV show--Extreme Makeover:Quilt Edition. : )
    I thought the fabrics looked surprisingly modern for your blog, but after reading I found out why.
    Nice job--lots of quilting!

  3. I'd always be happy with a black, white and pink make-over. It's practically my entire wardrobe (and fabric stash) anyway. LOL
    Andi :-)

  4. Very Modern, yet timeless! Flowers that you don't have to Water or weed!

  5. I like what you did with the design. It went from being a more traditional design to something folk art with a touch of modern flair but still an antique look.


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