Monday, March 2, 2015

Rocky Roads

It's been a tough few years with lots of Rocky Roads.  Here are a few of the quilty variety.  
Detail c. 1890 Rocky Road to Kansas
Lancaster Co, PA
I love the double pink greek background.  Only in Southeastern PA would bright pink be a neutral.

detail Rocky Road c. 1935
Millard County, Utah
maker - Isabel Day Rogers
So blessed to have a quilt made by my great grandmother.  Love that it is my favorite color: purple.  She made hers in a large scale and used all sorts of different sized pieces for the star strings.

Interesting to see the pair together and observe the differences and the similarities.  They are part of my antique quilt study "Patterns Through Time" Lecture where I share sets of antique quilts and guide you through changes in quilt-making and American history.  Lots of eye candy and interesting information along with a lot of design inspiration.  I'm available to teach at your quilt guild, shop or show.  "HAVE QUILTS, WILL TRAVEL"


  1. I love your grandmothers quilt with her use of purple combined with the colourful strings. Your lectures would be wonderful to attend.

  2. Sorry you've been having a rocky road yourself, lately. That purple quilt is a beauty. How special to have that quilt from your great grandmother in your favorite color.
    I saw your quit in the Quilt Study group link Dawn has on her blog. Nice work!

  3. I love both of these and how wonderful to have one of your great-grandmother's!

  4. How wonderful to have a quilt from your great grandmother! That is so special. Hope your life is no longer travelling on rocky roads.....

  5. Both are lovely quilts! So wonderful to have one made by a family member.

  6. I love RRtK quilts so much.

  7. I love comparisons of the same pattern done in different time periods!

  8. My Quilt Buddy has a RRtK quilt top from her Dear Mother-in-Law that came down from her Husband's side of the family. It has the Newspapers still on it.

  9. Thank you for posting another beautiful quilt! Many sweet dreams beneath both, I'm sure. I love the red/green/yellow in Pennsylvanian quilts. What a different mood each quilt creates. Wonderful!


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