Friday, October 31, 2014

Antique Bird Love for Bloggers Quilt Fest

So happy to share my antique reproduction quilt with my friends and Amy's crew at Bloggers Quilt Festival.  This quilt was created for the American Quilt Study Group's Civil War Quilt Study (a scholarly quilt challenge).  Voting for the Bloggers Quilt Festival starts Nov. 1 to Nov. 7th.  I'm in the applique category.

It was truly a challenge but also a joy.  Here's the full quilt

Quilted Joy Too  35" x 35"
And part of antique inspiration quilt circa 1855.


  1. I like the applique reproduction you have made.

  2. LOVE your quilt! Those birds are great.:)

  3. Lover of vintage quilts also and belong to a quilt history study group here in Lancaster. Your reproduction is beautiful and love love the colors!

  4. Oh so beautiful! That has to be such tiny applique pieces. Wow!


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