Monday, February 14, 2011

Antique Valentine Hearts (Signature Quilt, Crib Quilt)

Here is a special Valentine's Day preview of my new quilt- with 2 very valentiney blocks. Don't you love the hand throwing the arrow at the heart? There are several blocks with hearts and other wonderful little drawings. It is a dated 1850 Quaker friendship album quilt from Chester County Pennsylvania. From the Worrall, Hoopes, Davis, Windle, Umstead, Hicklen, families.

Here is a full look at the Umsted block to further whet your appetite.

And here is another valentine to my readers: the 4th block in my reproduction of the 1845 crib quilt along with the original antique block. I'm reproducing it for the Alliance for American Quilts 2011 Challenge. Scroll down to my previous entries to see the other 3 blocks and the original blocks and also the full quilt.  Now onto  the hand quilting.


  1. What fun inked blocks!
    I love your newest block. I'm sure your quilt is going to be awesome!

  2. Love love love that quaker quilt. Just goes to show they were sentimentalists then also. The new applique block is gorgeous.

  3. Those turkey reds are quite delicious, can't wait to see more!


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