Friday, January 14, 2011

Antique Crib Quilt -- Hearts and Flowers

Flower basket CE Huff?

c. 1845 Virginia Crib Quilt 37" x 49"
This is an utterly charming album crib quilt from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, purchased from a VA auction.  It has 12 blocks (9" blocks), each featuring a different design including hearts, wreaths, potted flowers, tulips, a bird on branch, and cut-out chintz flowers, eight blocks with stitched name or initials in the teeniest cross stitch.
Provenance: Descended in the Smith family of Waynesboro, Augusta Co., VA.

I'm thinking of reproducing it in a smaller scale and trying to decide on close fabrics or crazy wild?

I haven't seen any other album quilts with so many heart motifs.  I find the block with the bird in the tree getting shot with an arrow a bit strange yet kind of cute.  And who can resist a bit of chintz, broderie perse applique:

Please comment if you want to see more photos.


  1. Yes Yes Yes!!! More photos. I love it. A reproduction would be wonderful.

  2. Thanks for sharing this lovely quilt from the Shenandoah Valley! Lucky you to now be its care-taker!! Do make your own variation of it! I'll be posting more stories about my Valley finds in the coming year on my Quilt History Reports blog.

  3. Pretty please? - more photos!
    It's lovely

  4. oh course we want to see more pictures..
    hmmm I would want to see it done in repro's but doesn't have to be very close to the original....
    just antiquey feel please! LOL
    love the flower basket block and yes please share more blocks would love to see middle block on the top row!
    Happy new Year!

  5. I enjoy any photos you share. Thanks.

  6. What a wonderful quilt! it's elegant and folk art at the same time!!

  7. Thanks for the comments and silly me, of course you want to see more photos. I will add more this week, stay tuned.

  8. What an awesome quilt! I would love photos of the bird block, and a close up of the stitching on the broderie block.

  9. How amazing that you were able to get this wonderful a country auction?? Please more photos. I am curious about the bird about to get stabbed and that cute tiny urn in the same block and also the blocks where you can't see the really light parts. 1 and 3 for instance.


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