Thursday, August 26, 2010

Antique Quilt -- Quilted Joy Rose of Sharon Bird Garden

circa 1850 Rose of Sharon 86" x 86"

Wow--this has to be what JOY looks like when it is quilted. I thought my earlier whig rose or rose of sharon quilt was busy with no negative space but this quilter really upped the ante. Can you tell I love this quilt? I didn't want to post it because I won't want to add anything else that will bump this you will probably see it again. Another treasure from Mark French of Ohio.
The border is over the top with all the different flowers -irises, tulips, etc. I really like how the 3 stemmed flower groups have been stitched to make them into a basket. And the two different birds are delightful and the red birds seem to be enjoying the blue berries. They do look delicious. There are a lot of embroidered details (stitching on appliques, etc.)--so much to take in. Enjoy-I sure am.
If you have seen a similar quilt, please let me know as I haven't found anything close and neither has the dealer.


  1. Love the birds on the quilt. The applique looks really good.

  2. So incredibly beautiful! Did you buy it? I love the birds and the blue berries. It's funny, I was at an applique workshop and I woman there wanted to put berries into a Baltimore block but she really needed to use blue. She was saying blue berries don't grow on trees and we were trying to tell her to do it anyway. Your quilter wasn't bound by convention. I have quilts I've bought from Mark and he is a wonderful dealer. Can't wait to see more pictures of this one.

  3. Hi Sandra- oh it is wonderful! Pure joy indeed, you cannot help but smile and that I think is the mark of a great quilt.
    Thank you so much for finding my blog so I could find yours...I can see I have lots of lovely reading ahead of me.

  4. Gorgeous! I just love the exuberance of this quilt!

  5. Finally I made it over to your blog. It is delightful and I love antique quilts so very much. This has been very informative!!

  6. I love blue the blue in this and the delicate shades of red and green - bright but not too bright.

  7. I have just discovered your blog. And yes - this is JOY!! I think this is one I just might have to interpret for me. Every bit of it has a detail that I'd like to devour.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love this quilt and the hexagon quilt below. What a fun job you have appraising quilts!

  9. ok this quilt is to die for....
    do you own this quilt
    I just love those birds!!!!
    and red and green applique well you know they are my favorite!!!! that hint of blue in there really works!
    can't believe I am saying that!
    oh going to have to blog about this quilt !!!
    thanks for reminding me to come visit and see this.
    can't believe I missed this one!

  10. Thanks for all the great comments. Yes, I am the proud owner of this quilt. I bought it this summer from Mark French.
    Keep the comments and questions coming.

  11. This is stunning!! Just how I like a garden to be, overgrown and full of flowers and birds. The colours are wonderful too!!


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