Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rocky Road to Kansas via Lancaster PA

Another great late 1800's Pennsylvania quilt. There really must be something in the water as those PA quilters and their unique and funky color sense continue to amaze me. I don't think anyone else does pink in a such an assertive way with no fear. Okay, yes that is a lot of generalizing but after a few years of studying, it is easy to pick the PA quilts out of the line up.

This Rocky Road to Kansas has a lot of movement due to the use of the double pink Greek key print ground that reads as a stripe. That fabric choice would probably have pushed the quilt over the top had the maker not been so careful in piecing the 'stars'. They are arranged in a very controlled manner/order: red/blue in centers, then chrome yellow, then the same fabrics used in the facing points. The centers are double blue/Lancaster blue and turkey red with chrome yellow details. There are a number of mourning prints and the back is a great neon stripe. Hand pieced, hand quilted. To see a very different example of a Rocky Road to Kansas, from another time and place (1930's Utah), click here .


  1. Wow! This quilt is fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Goodness, I love this quilt. If only they could talk and tell their own story. What a great hobby/business opportunity for you to examine and get to see so many wonderful quilts. Thanks for the look!

  3. Oh this is amazing!! I heard the term Pensy Colours recently on a blog called Warp and the Weft, French Generals Blog, It was in reference to her new range that has those pinks and yellows.


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